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Company Profile

Company Profile


The mother company was founded in 1965. Almost 40 years of extensive, in depth and broad based experience in supplying and supporting our customers has earned it the number one position in Israel as a manufacturer and distributor of industrial soldering materials, as solder wires, bars, anodes, alloys and lead castings.


In 1998 AIM Solder Israel ltd. was founded as a soldering materials and equipment division destined only to the electronics industry.

ASI excels at supporting the soldering process better than any other full line supplier.



We offer our clients a full variety product line. Included are consumables: Soldering materials, cleaning material (bulks and bench-top), ESD Protection means, tweezers, cutters and other tools and miscellaneous. We also offer our client equipment: AOI, Screen printers, rework stations, dispensers, cleaning machines, profilers, selective-soldering machine, wire-tinning equipment and much more.


ASI will only market high quality, reliable and robust equipment that you can build your business on.

We carefully scrutinize and investigate any product or company before agreeing to represent them.

Maintaining the highest quality of products, requires us to specialize in the most sophisticated assembly processes, as we indeed do. By offering our customers both raw materials and equipment, we provide a complete customized production process solution.


ASI enjoys an on-going relationship, built on mutual trust and respect, with every single company in Israel that is a potential customer for your product.


Our company does extensive participation in promotional activities, such as Technical exhibitions and symposiums, and public relations, more then any other company in our field.

We also initiate and manage workshops and technical lectures for all of the industry in Israel.



ASI does much more than sell cleaning supplies. We design and create complete, customized cleaning systems specifically tailored to your individual process and products.


Through experimentation on your actual boards and components, ASI will determine the best equipment, materials and cleaning system for your needs.



100% Customer Satisfaction is our number one goal, and is achieved through high level technical support, after sales service, and weekly visits to our key customers.


Our Commitment: Providing top quality, excellent service and cost-effective


Our unchanging commitment to the industry and our customers has earned us a growth rate of over 30% a year, over the last 4 years, despite the current unfavorable economic conditions.

Our name, as the market's best suppliers when it comes to service, combined with the best technological solutions, precedes us.


Located in the middle of the country (Kibbutz Netser-Sereni). 

ASI has a total of 15 employees, dealing in manufacturing, technical service, sales and distribution. 

The C.E.O is Mr. Kobi Ventura, and the Application & Support Manager is Mr. Kobi Alffassi.


Among our customers are: Sanmina-SCI Israel, Flextronics Israel,Intel, ECI,Elbit, Elop,  RH Electronics, USR, A.L Electronics, Visonic, the IDF, the IAI and many more.


ASI's most important role to their customer's is as a trusted consultant.

We constantly assist our customers in changing or adapting their systems to fit the latest standards, trends or new technology.


ASI can help your company implement the latest assembly technologies.

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Netser-Sereni 70395, Israel Tel:+972-8-9208844 Fax:+972-8-9207711