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Pot 50 C

Pot 50 C




•PID temperature control minimizes deviation of solder or setting temperature. •Dual digital temperature display shows set temperature and measured temperature values at the same time. •Extremely accurate setting value and measured value at very minimal tolerance as ±{(display valueX1.25%)+1°C}. •Warning lamp to detect any deviance from set temperature range. •Sheathed Heater (POT-350C). •Separated structure of solder bath and heater allow simple replacement of each part. (POT-100C / 200C)

Control panel functions (Common to all models)

2 Setting digit shift key
•To change set value, move the cursor to the digit to be changed.
3 Setting value decrement key
•For decreasing value when changing set value.
4 Setting value increment key
•For increasing value when changing set value.
5 Measured value (PV) display panel (Green) •Displays measured value(PV).
•Displays parameter symbol in setting mode
6 Setting Value(SV) display panel (Orange)
•Displays set value(SV) •Indicates set value of parameter symbol shown on (PV) display panel in setting mode.
7 Control Output Lamp (Green)
•Lights up when control output is ON
8 Auto-tuning (AT) lamp (Green)
•Flickers in auto-tuning mode.
9 Alarm (ALM) lamp (Red)
•Lights up when alarm is ON
1 Set (SET) key
•To register set value
•To change modes and parameters
•To change PV, SV display mode or the parameters setting mode


Model Number
110-130V, 220-240VAC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
470-610W, 370-430W (When Stabilized)
Inrush Current
25A, 11A (at solder temp. 25°C)
Solder Bath Temperature Room temp-500°C
Room temp-530°C
Room temp. -430°C
Unit Dimensions
174(W) x 285(D) x 142(H)mm
Solder Bath Dimensions (internal)
50(W) x 50(D) x 50(H)mm
75(W) x 75(D) x 50(H)mm
Approx. 3kg
Maximum Solder Volume
Approx. 850g
Approx. 1,900g
Solder Bath Material
Cast Iron
Cast Iron
Set Accuracy
±{(1.25% of display temperature)+1°C}
Power Cord
1.5m (3 core cable) ground plug

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