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ASI-R750 is a small size rework machine rework machine is a small size rework machine afforrds highest degree of automation, specially designed for large (630*610mm) and complex PCB's.

ASI-750's heating technology has eight programmable top & bottom heating zones, boasting a total of 8000W of power.

The rework machine is equipped with optical alignment system, uses hot air and IR for heating and enables soldering and desoldering controlled by comprehensive software package.



  • Hot air head and mounting head are designed two in one. Solder and desolder are made automatically.
  • Upper and lower heater consists of mix technologies, hot air + IR. Upper heater performs in two ways-path and direct injection. The IR acts directly on the heated area while hot air works. They interact to heat quickly while temp. remains even (heating-up speed is up to 10°C/S)
  • Removable PCB fixing frame with three independent heaters, top & bottom side center supports
  • German made original bottom preheating table utilizing exothermic materials plated IR tube) + constant temp. glass (resistant to heat up to 1800°C), preheating area size is up to 500*420mm.
  • Preheating table, clamp device and cooling system can move integrally in X direction, which facilitates and secures location of PCB and desoldering.
  • The unique integral design and movements in X, Y axis, make the best of the equipment's floor space. The relatively small equipment accomplishes rework of oversized PCBs. The max. processed PCB size is up to 630*610mm. No rework space is left unused.
  • Built-in vacuum pump, ø angle rotation in 60°. Fine-adjusting and mounting suction nozzle.
  • Suction nozzle can detect the height of the reworked BGA. The pressure is controlled under 10g. It is suitable for small size BGA with a function of zero pressure taking and mounting.
  • Color optical vision system includes functions of prism, bi-color, zoom in and fine-adjusting. X,Y directions movement are made manually while distinguish of color aberration and focus are made automatically, software operated. Wireless remote control 27X optical zoom. Max. BGA size 70*70mm.
  • Built-in computer, touch-screen interface. PLC control. Real-time temp. profile display. Setting profile and actual measured profile can be displayed and analyzed.
  • Eight segments up (down) temp.+ 8 segments constant temp. control. Lot of profiles can be memorized and analyzed on the touch-screen.
  • Many sizes of alloy hot air nozzle can be replaced easily and located in any angle.
  • Equipped with 5 thermocouple ports, real-time monitoring and analysis.
  • Differences of up to 30°C between the heated area and the surrounding area, to protect small BGAs. This function is especially suitable for glued BGAs on cell phones and notebook laptops.

Technical Specifications

Max. PCB size: W630*D610mm
PCB thickness: 0.5-5mm
Applicable chips: 1*1 _ 70*70mm
Applicable minimum space: 0.15mm
Max. mounting weight: 500g
Mounting precision: ±0.01mm
PCB locating way: Outer or location hole
Temp. control way: K type thermocouple, closed loop control
Lower heater: Hot air 800W
Upper heater: Hot air 1200W
Bottom pre-heating: IR 6000W
Power supply: 3-phases 380V, 50/60Hz
Machine size: L970*W700*H830mm (exclude frame)
Machine weight: About 130kg


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