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With the highest holding force in the industry, largest support area per pin, and a simpler, more reliable control system, Quik-tool™ is the new “gold standard” in compliant SMT support tooling.

Quik-tool™ was created and developed by the founders of the company who introduced the industry to compliant tooling in 2001. With over 20 years of experience developing and mastering SMT and PCB tools they maximize performance while lowering costs.

Why Choose Quik-tool?

Quik-tool™ is focused on ease of use and cost efficiency. It runs in both automatic and manual mode, and high-density pin pitch is standard. And best of all, it comes with a very low-cost entry point, so you can start small and add on as needed. Quik-Tool™ can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Quik-tool™ is probably the best performing automatic surface mount tool on the market. The basic option for most PCB manufacturers is to use standard magnet based support pins to support their circuit boards during screen printing and component placement.  This may be less expensive, but is very unreliable and operator dependent – costing manufacturers valuable time. With Quik-tool, what used to take 10-20 minutes now can be accomplished in under 30 seconds.

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