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ASH Technologies

Design and deliver digital vision and measurement solutions.

Ash Technologies was founded in 1994 to design and manufacture a range of award winning electronic magnifiers for the visually impaired.  In 2013, Ash decided to apply its innovation and design skills to digital vision and inspection for the electronic industry.

Ergonomic and cost effective inspection is now a must in electronic manufacturing. Manufacturers are increasingly under more pressure to reduce costs while keeping quality high. Ash inspection systems enable higher throughput and reduce operator fatigue. Typical applications include PCB inspection, surface mount technology inspection and rework with solder paste, component placement and post re-flow.

Ash has been recognized for their innovation and products design capabilities with national and international awards and the company continues to grow and evolve year on year as it exports over 90% of its inspection and measurement solutions to a broad range of industries and OEM/ODM partnerships.


Making Complex Inspection and Measurement Simple

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