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From their very first days in business, the Juki Corporation strives to create new values through “Monodzukuri” (the art of product-making) and the ongoing invention and evolution of technologies.

JUKI provides high speed and flexibility machines for high quality production of any PCB.

The JUKI pick and placers are medium-sized machines called “modular-type”. This type is characterized by the flexibility to re-arrange the manufacture line depending on the amounts of productions of customers. Until now, the mainstream has been the large-sized machines. However, they have a large amount of capital investment and it is difficult to re-arrange the manufacturing lines, and they cannot correspond to the sudden changes in items and amount of production. The modular-type in which several medium-sized machines are connected can provide the best manufacturing lines required by customers with less amount of capital investment.

With maximum speed of up to 26.000 CPH their machines are designed for maximum throughput. Their RF feeders design is smaller, thinner and lighter than most other machines and still maintaining the highest degree of positional accuracy.

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