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Auto Dry Cabinet

                               X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinet


The drying & Storage of Moisture Sensitive Devices is getting more and more important. Removing and or preventing moisture in components ensures stability during the reflow process.
Constant & Accurate Control of 1% Rh to Ambient
X-Treme Series Auto Dry Cabinets are suitable for almost all dehumidification applications.
Patented Dessicant Drying System
1% Rh Internal Humidity with Ultra Fast Dehumidification Rate.
Compliance with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B.1 Industry Standard requirements. Compliance with UL/CE.
Patented Dehumidifier Technology offers Ultra Fast Dehumidification Rate which immediately compensates when doors are opened. High capacity dehumidification combined with low energy consumption provides the perfect low cost moisture control solution. Effective even in the very toughest high Rh environments and conditions.

Humidity Set Range 1- 50 % Rh and temperature set range 20 ? 45 C (Optional C) provide versatility for different applications. Accurately calibrated humidity and temperature sensors ensure correct measurements. 0.01 %Rh (0.1 over 10 %Rh) and 0. degrees C display resolution of humidity and temperature. Multipoint calibration function on board as standard. Optional Sensor Calibration Software for precisely calibrated sensors are available for customers even harder to please.

Main Specifications

Ext. (WxHxD) 1200x1988x750mm
Int. (WxHxD) 1180x1650x610mm
Volume:- 1250 litre
22mm Insulating Thermal Glass
220vac 10-16amp Average 50watt/hr
Settable 1-50% Rh
Settable 20-45C
Touch screen, back-lit LCD control Panel
Adjustable alarm status options

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