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Main Features

  • For post print, pre reflow, mixed mode and post reflow applications.
  • High Defect Coverage
  • Acculite 4 LED rings lighting tower. Click Here for Presentation
  • Patented Statistic Modeling Technology.
  • Unparalledled Defect Detection.
  • 01005 cpabilites (with 10µ camera)
  • 100% inspection: presence, absence, polarity, placement accuracy with OCV,solder joints Missing, Shift/Skew, Misalignment, Tombstone, Reverse, Polarity, Wrong Component, Bridge, Dirt/Dust, No Solder,Short Solder, Cold Solder, Lifted Lead.
  • Lowest False Failure Rate.
  • Intellectualized Full-color high speed digital 3CCD camera can accurately identify differences in components color tones.
  • High Speed inspection.
  • Quick Set-up.
  • Short programming time using public library and components templates for automatic programming.
  • Automatic barcode recognition (ALD620 &ALD700).
  • Real time Statistical Process Control System (SPC) capability
  • OCV - Optical Character Verification.
  • Bad Mark.
  • Automatic optimization of test path.
  • Double side test in one program.
  • Server Mode - Administrative data from many AOI through center server.
  • Ergonometric design.
  • Best Price Performance.
  • CE Compliant.


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