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Motorized SMD Chip System

I'MAGIC - Components Smart Counter

Spec I'Magic

  • SMD, Axial and Radial 3 in 1 type
  • Pocket Check (Miss Part) - Option 
  • 8mm ~ 72mm SMD tape Count

  • Steppiung motorized Auto Drive

  • Bar Code Printer or Dot Printer Port

  • Multi Port 2ea x RS-232C. 2eaxUSB port

  • Bar Code handly Scanner for Preset - Option

  • 32bit Micro Controlled

  • Foot remote control for Moto

  • Easy operation. Six Multi Function Key

  • 8, 12, 16, 24 mm easy adjustment for detection sensor

  • AC 100~220V(50~60Hz)



 Pocket check (Missing Parts) Detection Unit


The “I-Magic” smart Parts Counter has a sensor that detects missing parts while it counts SMD, Axial and Radial.

This function is applied to the both black and transparent tapes. The detection unit is powered by high technology to find a missing part without error and shows high accuracy rate.

Compare to other brands which have a detection unit for fixed size, the “i-Magic” can be adjusted to 8,12,16, and 24mm and the knob for the adjustment is finely tuned.

The sensitivity of the detection unit can be automatically set, and this sensitivity adjustment is displayed in the LCD monitor.

When a missing part is detected, the user can select “stop” or “ skip”, and when the user select the “skip”, the Pocket Check is automatically deducted from the total quantity.





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